Jamie Bishton | Dance : A dance company which reflects the influences Mr. Bishton has experienced with Twyla Tharp Dance and White Oak Dance Project as he places his own movement into the paradigm of modern dance.

Jamie Bishton | Dance was founded in 2000, is a nonprofit organizations dedicated to cultivating the public's understanding and appreciation for modern dance through performances and educational activities. The chamber-size company chiefly performs the works of its award-winning artistic director, the choreographer and dancer Jamie Bishton, who is known internationally for his distinctive athletic style. .

List of Works:


"Packed Away, Not Broken"- solo
Dancer: Ashleigh Leite
Music: Greg Hale Jones,
Boll Weevil
Costume Design: Rusty Aubrey

Premier: January 11, 2003

In creating this solo for Ashleigh, one of the original dancers I started working with, I wanted to create a sense of moving away, and letting go of an emotional place, or time. The music, with its use of historic Library of Congress Archival sound and specific theme of "home", was exactly what I was looking for.



"You think you really know me"- solo

Dancer: Stephanie Laipis
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata (Trio) in B flat
Costume Design: Rusty Aubrey
Set Design: Philip Shubin
Painting: James Teschner
Lighting Design: Aaron Copp
Video Projection: Duy Tu

Premier: September 19, 2002 Joyce SoHo, New York, NY

In my ongoing work with Stephanie Laipis, I have been impressed by her remarkable beauty and strength. I choreographed "You think you really know me," in celebration of these qualities. In the piece, I imagined a young woman who, like Stephanie, is coming into her prime. We see her as a solitary figure on a beach at dusk. The piece envisions a woman who has just left a party and thrown off her shoes to enjoy this moment -- a reflection of the life she is leaving behind and the life she is about to begin. W.A. Mozartěs Sonata (Trio) in B flat, KV 266 is an early, unfinished chamber piece in which, like Stephanie's character, we are drawn into a brief episode of reflection, intimacy and joy. As with Mozart's work, we don't not know the finale ultimo for Stephanieěs character --it is enough to observe these moments of her life as it unfolds.


"From a Life Together" - duet

Dancers: Jamie Bishton and Stephanie Laipis
Music: Fanny Mendelssohn-Hansel, String Quartet in E flat major
Costume Design: Rusty Aubrey
Set Design: Craig Nealy
Lighting Design: Aaron Copp
Video Projection: Duy Tu

Premier: September 19, 2002 Joyce SoHo, New York, NY

This duet is based on the relationship between the siblings Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn, set to Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel's only surviving String Quartet (in E flat major). Growing up in the early nineteenth century, both Fanny and Felix were given extensive musical educations. However, their father forbade Fanny from pursuing a career in music, although she was allowed to organize a musical salon in the Mendelssohn home, where her compositions were performed. Despite the restrictions that were placed upon her, she was an active composer and had a very close personal and musical relationship with her brother Felix, influencing his work, as he did hers. In this dance, we view their relationship from Fanny's perspective, which is one of frustration, tolerance, and ultimately acceptance of her fate. Her relationship with her brother is both the cause of great jealousy and envy as well as deep affection and admiration. It wasn't until the last years of her life -- after her father was already dead -- that her brother Felix permitted her compositions to be published, legitimizing Fanny's creative talents at last.


"Things That Cannot Be Painted" version 2

Dancers: Tricia Brouk, Stephanie Laipis, Ashleigh Leite, Meg Moore, Rebecca Warner, Seth Stuart Williams, Lisa Wheeler
Music: Greg Hale Jones, "She Began to Lie", www.gregjones.com
Costume Design: Rusty Aubrey
Lighting Design: Aaron Copp

Premier: September 19, 2002 Joyce SoHo, New York, NY

This dance began life as a work for nine undergraduate students at Barnard College, which commissioned a group piece from me for its fall 2001 season at the Miller theater. In re-examining it for this evening, I have drawn on my original impulses but have extensively re-worked much of the choreography. The title and the costumes are the same, but otherwise this is very much "version 2" -- including a new musical accompaniment. I was listening to NPR one morning and, in between segments of a news program, heard George Hale Jones' work Boll Weevil and was smitten. I researched Mr. Jones' music and discovered his contributions to the soundtrack of a mostly forgettable movie, The General's Daughter. Mr. Jones took recordings of cotton field workers and state penitentiary prisoners from the Library of Congress and edited them into a new song, She Began To Lie. The soundtrack includes two versions (the second is a re-mix) and together, they create the aural bed for this now-septet.



"40" – solo

Jamie Bishton
Music: Arvo Part "Spiegel Im Spieglel"
Costume Design: Robert Laflamme and Kelly Kissick

June 3rd, 2001- Joyce Soho, New York, NY



Ana Gonzalez Ashleigh Leite, Andrew Robinson
Music: Mark Reveley and Eric Oberthaler
Costumes: Rusty Aubrey
Set Design: Anne Patterson

1. "Tr(us)t"
    Ana Gonzalez, Andrew Robinson

2. "S(kin)"
    Ana Gonzalez, Andrew Robinson, Ashleigh Leite

3. "Sp(i)ne"
    Ashleigh Leite

Premier: June 3rd, 2001- Joyce Soho, New York, NY



Desmond Richardson, Stephanie Laipis, Paul Matteson, Rasta Thomas, Chrissy Richmond, Jamie Bishton
Music: J.S. Bach and Benjamin Britten
Costumes: Rusty Aubrey

Premier: July 15th, 2001 – Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival Becket, Mass.


"Things That Cannot Be Painted"
Commission from the Barnard College Department of Dance

Thea Little and Alfred A Lance, Jr.
Jessica Backus, Nina Diaz, Susanna Dilliplane, Alisan Funk, Betsy Rigsbee, Kathryn Struthers, Rebecca Warner, Sara White
Music: R. Vaughan Williams "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis"
Costumes: Rusty Aubrey
Lighting Design: Rhonda Rubinson

Premier: November 15, 2001



"Dean"- solo

Dancer: Jamie Bishton
Music: Dean Martin "I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me," "Dream A Little Dream Of Me," "Just In Time,"
Costume: Tamara Summers

Premier: December 9, 1999 Valencia, California


Where we have performed:

Joyce Theater, New York, NY
Joyce SOHO, New York, NY
The Kitchen, New York, NY
Dancespace at ST. Marks Church in the Bowery, New York, NY
Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Becket, MA
Bardavon Opera House, Poughkeepsie, NY
CalArts, Valencia, Ca
Dancers Responding to AIDS Benefits, Sayville, Fire Island Pines, NY